API - Achievements

Information: The list of blocks available for this API can be found here : List of blocks
Explanation of parameters
  • {block} Name of the minecraft block : firework_rocket
  • {title} Name of achievement : New..version..!
  • {string1} First sentence : Achivement..2020
  • {string2} Second sentence (if the first one is too long)

.. allows you to create a space, the spaces are not taken natively in the parameters !

Obligatory parameter Optional parameter
Information: Accents are not fully supported, you can use: é,è,ç,à,ù,â,ê,û,î,ï,ä,ë and ü only !
Get an achivement
<img src="{block}/{title}/{string1}/{string2}" alt="Achievements create by" />;
Response from API
Image (PNG): Achivements Achivements